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Monroe County, New York

Recorder Offices

Monroe County Clerk - County Office Building

39 W. Main St, Room 101 , Rochester, New York 14614

9:00am to 5:00pm M-F

Phone: 585-753-1600

Register of Deeds

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New York - Monroe County Recorder Information

The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Monroe County.

Recording Fees

The base fee for recording a deed is $45, which includes the recording page. Each page is $5; therefore, it would cost $50 to record a one-page deed. The fee for recording a mortgage is the same. Applicable mortgage tax is due at the time of recording.

The TP-584 form is $5.

The RP-5217 form, also known as the Equalization Form, has a $125 fee if one of the following boxes is checked: 7A, 7B, 7E or both 7G and box 8, or if the property classification code in Item 18 is 100 through 199; or 200 through 299; or 411-C. For forms not meeting these standards, the fee is $250.

Note: As of January 31, 2014, the old 4-part RP-5217 form is no longer accepted. Instead, use the new RP-5217-PDF Report, available online from the NYS Department of Taxation.

Mortgage taxes vary depending on the loan amount and property type. Contact county for details please.

The Monroe County Clerk's Office accepts cash, checks made payable to 'Monroe County Clerk,' and Visa or MasterCard.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Deeds submitted for recordation must be dated originals.

* Document should include the name and address of both the grantor and grantee, as well as return address information or attorney's box number.

* Include a full legal property description on your document that specifies which municipality the property is in, the new tax number, and property and tax mailing address.

* The deed needs to have a grantor's signature and should be acknowledged. The acknowledgement should match the signature and name cited on the document, along with complete notary information.

* To be filed, deeds must also include a completed TP-584 and RP-5217.

To record a mortgage, all mortgage instruments should include all mortgagors and mortgagees, the new tax number, address, a legal description of the property, and the type of dwelling.