Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - Recorder Information

Register of Deeds

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The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Westmoreland County. When a document arrives at their office, it is checked by one of our cashiers to make sure it meets all of the qualifications for being recorded. All recording fees and transfer taxes are due and collected at the time of recording.

Recording Fees

30 year lease $81.25
Act 287 $15.50
Affidavit $41.00
Affidavit of non-production $41.00
Agreement $81.25
Agricultural security area $81.25
Amendment (deed) $83.25
Article of incorporation $41.00
Article of merger $41.00
Assignment of lease $83.25
Assignment of leases and rents $81.25
Bill of Sale $41.00
Bonds/Writs - no fee
Cemetery deed $109.25
Change of address no fee
Change of name (notary) $43.00
Charter application $41.00
Coal agreement $41.00
Common pleas court judge commission no fee
Condemnation $81.25
Condominium completion $41.00
Condominium plan $49.00 pages after 1st are $20.00 per page
Consent $41.00
Corrective document $43.00
County oath no fee
County plan $49.00 pages after 1st are $20.00 per page
Declaration $81.25
Declaration of acquisition $81.25
Declaration of taking $81.25
Deed $109.25
Deed satisfaction $83.25
Deed trust $81.25
Discharges no fee
Distribution $109.25
District justice no fee
Easement $81.25
Extinguishment yes $43.00
Financing statement $100.00 flat fee
Financing statement assignments $100.00 flat fee
Financing statement continuation $100.00 flat fee
Financing statement -non-standard $100.00 flat fee
Financing statement release $100.00 flat fee
Financing statement termination $100.00 flat fee
Highway permit $41.00
Hwy Mining plans $49.00 pages after 1st are $10.00 per page
Installment land contract $81.25
Lease $41.00
Lease extension $83.25
Memorandum $43.00
Miscellaneous $41.00
Mortgage $109.25
Mtg Add & Modification $83.25
Mtg Addendum $83.25
Mtg Amendment $83.25
Mtg Assignment $83.25
Mtg Assumption agreement $83.25
Mtg Correction $83.25
Mtg Extension $83.25
Mtg Modification agreement $83.25
Mtg Postponement $83.25
Mtg Release $83.25
Mtg Sat $83.25
Mtg Subordination $83.25
New redetermination of state tax $43.00
Non-mortgage assignment $83.25
Notary bond and commission $34.50
Notice $41.00 flat fee
Oil & Gas lease $81.25
Option $41.00
Order of court sometimes $41.00
Ordinance $41.00
Partial release (mtg) $83.25
Plans and Subdivisions $49.00 pages after 1st are $20.00 per page
Police commission $19.00
Power of attorney $41.00
Preferential assessment $41.00
Ratification yes $43.00
Redetermination of state tax $43.00
Release (deed) $83.25
Release of marital claims $43.00
Release of rights $43.00
Relinquishment $83.25
Re-recorded deed $111.25
Re-recorded mortgage $111.25
Re-recording $43.00
Restrictive covenants $43.00
Revocation $43.00
Revocation of power of attorney $43.00
Right of first refusal $41.00
Right of way $81.25
Sewerage permit $41.00
Supplemental declaration $41.00
Supplemental indenture $41.00
Surrender of lease yes $43.00
Tax claim deed $109.25
Termination yes $83.25
Unit operation designation $41.00
Unknown $41.00
Waiver $41.00
Waiver of restrictions yes $43.00

All documents include 4 names, 4 pages, 1 tax map # and 1 UPI
Documents with * don't have UPI included in the price, most of them don't require UPI, in some cases if the document is real estate related it will need additional money for UPI

Extra names $0.50 each
Extra pages $2.00 each
Marginal notations $2.00 each
Extra Tax Map Numbers $0.50 each

The above fees include one UPI Certification.
Each additional parcel is $20.00 The fee is payable to the Recorder of Deeds.

An easement is $76.50 for the first four pages and $2 for each additional page.

Certified copies are $1.50, plus regular copy fees, which are 50 cents a page if done in the office. Certified copies by mail are $5 plus regular copy fees.

If recording multiple documents, a check cannot be accepted for more than five documents. Separate checks will need to be provided if recording more than five documents.

A self-addressed stamped envelope should be included for the return of documents and receipts.

Local and realty transfer tax is due upon recording unless an exemption applies and is clearly stated.

Contact the Westmoreland Recorder of Deeds at (724) 830-3518 if you have additional questions about recording fees or transfer taxes.

Document Formatting Requirements

* The maximum size paper accepted is 8.5 x 14 inches. The minimum size accepted is 8.5 x 11 inches. Paper should be white and of 20 pound weight.

* The entire document must be legible in order to be recorded. After the document has been imaged, the copy must be readable without magnification.

* A foreign language document must be accompanied by an English language translation.

* Original signatures in dark blue or black ink are required. Corresponding names must be written or typed beneath signatures.

* The acknowledgment date cannot predate the document date. Seals or stamps should not cover any signatures or any printed text.

* A proper acknowledgment must include county, state, date, person or corporate officer's names and titles of persons appearing, notary signature, seal, and expiration date. If items are missing from the acknowledgment, the acknowledgment will be considered defective.

* On the first page, a top margin of at least 3 inches should be provided. The right side of this margin will be used by the Recorder of Deeds. All other margins on the first page and on subsequent pages should be a minimum of 1 inch.

* A legal description of the real property, including the property's municipality, county, and state, should be provided.

* A parcel identifier number must be on all documents. In Westmoreland County, this is a 10-digit number. This number is not considered part of the legal description.

* Numerical amounts must match written amounts on deeds and mortgages.

* If a document has "legal attached" or "Exhibit A Attached" written on it, the appropriate pages must be attached.

* Multiple documents constituting one transaction must clearly indicate the order of recording on each document. Any re-recording expenses resulting from an improper order of recording will be paid by the party submitting the documents.

* A re-recording of a document must be re-acknowledged. A typed or written statement on the document must list the reason for re-recording.

* Deeds, mortgages, and assignments must have a certified grantee/mortgagee address. The certification must be signed.

All deeds must set forth the true consideration of the real property, or should be accompanied by two copies of an Affidavit of Value. Any exemption (whether full or partial) claimed must also be accompanied by two copies of the Affidavit of Value. If claiming an exemption, specific reference should be made to the regulation number under which the exemption is claimed.

For a property located in more than one political subdivision, the Recorder will not accept such a deed for recording unless it is accompanied by an affidavit showing the taxes due in each municipality.