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Arizona Beneficiary Deed Form

Select the county where the PROPERTY is located.
This Arizona beneficiary deed meets or exceeds the statutory requirements as set forth in A.R.S. § 33-405. When correctly executed and recorded, it allows owners of real property to retain absolute control over their real estate, with the freedom to use, modify, or sell the land at will. After the owner’s death, the remaining interest in land transfers to the beneficiary outside of the probate process.

NOTE: In order to be valid, this deed must be recorded, during the owner’s lifetime, in the county where the land is situated.

Arizona Beneficiary Deed forms must meet local and state statutory requirements for content and format. The most important county formatting requirements in Arizona are the margin requirements. Failing to meet the recorder's document margin requirements can lead to the document being assessed with a non-compliant fee or being outright rejected for recording.

Select the county in Arizona where the PROPERTY is located.
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Arizona Beneficiary Deed Form
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