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Georgia Specific Power of Attorney for the Purchase of Property

This is a Georgia Durable Specific Power of Attorney for the purchase of real property located in Georgia.
The Principle appoints an Attorney-in-Fact / Agent and empowers him/her to execute any and all affidavits, notes, disclosure statements, security deeds, loan documents or any and all other documents necessary or required in the judgment of your agent in order to complete the purchase of a specific property in your name and for and on your behalf.
This power of Attorney is durable and will not terminate upon the disability of the principle(s).
It expires on a future date that is provided by the principle, or by written notification.
Since this Power of Attorney is transaction specific, it is exempt from the Georgia Uniform Power of Attorney Act as per statute
(a) This chapter shall apply to all powers of attorney except:
(5) Transaction specific powers of attorney, including, but not limited to, powers of attorney under Chapter 6 of this title
For use in Georgia Only. Georgia Specific Power of Attorney for the Purchase of Property Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday August 15, 2019

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Georgia Specific Power of Attorney for the Purchase of Property Form