Maine Release of Mechanic Lien

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Mechanic's liens are governed under Title 10, Chapter 603 of the Maine Code. In Maine, liens that have been paid off or satisfied for any other reason should be properly discharged by filing a lien release in the country registry of deeds in the county where the lien was originally recorded. Maine does not require any specific statutory form for releasing a lien, although under common law principles of contract, the claimant is entitled to do so.

A release of lien form identifies the parties, the project's location, relevant dates and payments, and filing information about the recorded lien. Submit the signed, notarized release to the same county office where the underlying lien was filed.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as substitute for the advice from an attorney. For any questions regarding filing a lien release, or any other issues related to liens in Maine, please speak with a licensed attorney.

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