Real Estate Deeds

Virginia Grant Deed Form

A grant deed in Virginia can be used to transfer title to real property. This type of deed must conform to statutory regulations for a conveyance of real property.

The form of a deed, presented in 55-48 of the Virginia Code of Laws, can be used for a grant deed. A grant deed includes a covenant that the grantor has not previously conveyed the estate being granted and has done no act to encumber the property. A grant deed will also convey after-acquired title. A deed for real property in Virginia will also include, unless an exception is made in the deed, all appurtenances, buildings, and privileges belonging to the land being conveyed ( 55-50).

A grant deed must contain the grantor's original signature, which should be acknowledged by him or proved by two witnesses. A certificate of acknowledgment should be attached to the deed submitted for recording ( 55-113). Notarial acts are permitted to be performed outside of Virginia for use in Virginia with the same effect as if performed by a notary public in this state. Out of state acknowledgments can be taken by any officer who is authorized to perform notarial acts in the place where the act is performed ( 55-118.1). Acknowledgments taken outside of Virginia must conform to the rules as set forth in 55-118.2 of the Virginia Code. The official seal of the person performing the notarial act, whether or not it is in this state, should be affixed to the deed ( 55-118.2).

A grant deed or other deed conveying such estate or term, when the possession is allowed to stay with the grantor, will be void as to all purchasers for valuable consideration without notice who are not parties to the deed and to lien creditors until the deed or other instrument in writing is recorded in the county or city where the property is located ( 55-96). This is a race-notice recording act, which means that a later buyer who pays fair value and records a deed first without having notice of any earlier conflicting interests will have priority over later recordings pertaining to the same property or portion of it. Virginia Grant Deed Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday March 16, 2018