Real Estate Deeds
Register of Deeds

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California - Santa Clara County Recorder Information

The County Clerk-Recorder is responsible for maintaining records for real property located in Santa Clara County.

Recording Fees

$25.00 - First page, standard size 8.5" x 11
(includes the $10.00 Real Estate Fraud Prevention Fee pursuant to GC 27388)
$ 3.00 - Each additional page

$ 3.00 - Non-standard size document penalty (for every page of a document containing a page which is NOT 8.5" x 11") Maximum sheet size is 8.5" x 14" (GC 27361 & 27361.5)

$ 1.00 - Penalty print (More than 9 lines per vertical inch or 22 characters per horizontal inch), per page

$ 1.00 - Documents referring to previously recorded documents (GC 27361.2), per reference other than the first

$ 1.00 - Documents requiring additional indexing: Each group of 10 names or fractional portion thereof after the initial group of 10 names

$15.00 - Combined documents, per additional title (Real Estate Fraud Fee may be charged a second time as well)

$20.00 - Recording of a document evidencing a change of ownership without concurrent filing of a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report (R&TC 480.3)

$10.00 - Survey Monument Preservation Fund (Santa Clara County Ord. A-14), charged if the property description on a Grant Deed refers to one of the following: portion of a lot created by a recorded Tract Map; lot or parcel created by recording of a Survey Map or Parcel Map; U. S. Government Survey (Township and Range); Metes and Bounds; Street Address.

County Transfer Tax: Property transfers anywhere in the county $0.55 per $500.00 (computed on equity or full value of transfer)

Conveyance Tax: Property transfers within the cities of San Jose, Mountain View, and Palo Alto $1.65 per $500.00 (computed on full value)

Debit card payments will be accepted with a $2.50 transaction fee.

County recording fees are subject to change without notice. For the most current fees and further information, contact the local recorder directly.

Document Formatting Requirements

In order for a real estate deed document to be recorded, the document must:

Be a document that is authorized or required by law to be recorded.

Meet statutory requirements for that document.

Have original signatures or be a certified copy from the court or other government agency.

Have a 2 1/2" top margin on the first page.

Contain the name and return address in the upper left corner of the first page (or cover page).

List the title (or titles) of your document on the first page.

Not have any page with dimensions larger than 8 1/2" by 14".

Note that the standard size for a recorded page is 8 1/2" by 11". Any page that is not standard size (and still does not exceed the 8 1/2" by 14" maximum) triggers a page size penalty, which is applied to ALL pages of the document. Any page that is larger than 8 1/2" by 14" is NOT accepted at all.

By recording a real estate deed document, the document becomes part of the public records of the Santa Clara County Recorder. Many types of documents are recorded to provide the public with notice of chain of title or other interest in real property. You may only record documents that are authorized or required by law to be recorded.