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Recorder Office Locations

Recording Department - Courthouse Annex
3301 Tamiami Trail East, 2nd floor / PO Box 413044, Naples, Florida 34112-5324 / 34101-3044
8:00am to 5:00pm M-F
Phone: (239) 252-8261

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Collier County Florida Register of Deeds

Collier County Recorder Information

Recording is the assignment of sequential "instrument" numbers to documents, as they are presented. Many different document types are recorded concerning real property mortgages, deeds, satisfactions, assignments, leases, etc., as well as documents from court cases and other sources. The recorded documents create the Official Records. The process of Recording gives "constructive notice" to the public.

Recording Fees

First page: $10.00
Each additional page: $8.50

For indexing instruments recorded in the official records which contain more than four names, per additional name: $1.00

On real estate conveyance, per $100.00 consideration: $0.70 (Formula: .0070 x Total Purchase Price = Amount of Doc Stamps)
On obligations to pay money, per $100.00 indebtedness: $0.35 (Formula: .0035 x Amount Financed = Amount of Doc Stamps)
Intangible tax on promissory notes, written obligations to pay money (mortgages, etc.): $0.002 x total

Re-recorded documents do not require tax unless the required amount was not placed on the original document.

The documentary tax stamp is due on total consideration (including cash, any unpaid balance on existing or new mortgages, plus anything having a monetary value).

County recording fees are subject to change without notice. For the most current fees and further information, contact the local clerk's office directly.
Document Formatting Requirements
• Real property documents should be submitted on white 8.5x11 inch paper or white 8.5x14 inch paper.

• Documents should have a minimum font size of 9 point and should be printed in black ink.

• On the first page, please provide a 3x3 blank space in the upper right corner for recording information. If this space is not provided, an additional page will be added. This will result in extra fees. Subsequent pages should have a 1x3 inch space at the top right hand corner.

• The name and address of each grantee in the instrument is required.

• Two witnesses are needed for conveyances of real property.

• Each signature needs to have the corresponding name typed, printed, or handwritten beneath it. The post office address of each person who signs the document also needs to be included.

• A “prepared by” statement is required for real property documents. This can be given in the following form: “This instrument was prepared by NAME and ADDRESS.”

• A prospective purchaser of residential real property must be presented a disclosure summary at or before execution of the contract for sale. Unless a substantially similar disclosure summary is included in the contract for sale, a separate disclosure summary must be attached to the contract for sale. This can be found in Title XL of the Florida Statutes, section 689.

The form for a warranty deed of conveyance to land shall include a blank space for the property appraiser’s parcel identification number describing the property conveyed. If the number is available, it shall be entered on the deed before recording.

If submitters choose to do so, they can provide a document to let the Clerk’s Recording Department know the consideration when recording a deed or other document transferring interest in real property. The Deed Consideration Information Sheet can be found on the Collier County Clerk’s webpage. This can be printed, completed, and sent in with your deed.
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