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Recorder Offices in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County Clerk / Comptroller Palm Beach County Main Courthouse, Room 4.25
205 North Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach, Florida 33402
8:00am-5:00pm M-F
Phone: (561) 355-2991
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Palm Beach County Florida Register of Deeds
Palm Beach County Recorder Information
The recorder in Palm Beach County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.
Recording Fees
To record the first page of a document (not to exceed 8.5x14 inches), the fee is $10. Each additional page or fraction thereof is $8.50.

Documents that include legal descriptions are $ .60 for the first two legal descriptions. Each additional legal description after the first two is $ .20.

The documentary stamp tax for deeds is $ .70 per $100 (or fraction thereof). This tax will be paid to the Clerk and Comptroller when the document is recorded. The Florida Department of Revenue website has additional resources.

The documentary stamp tax for mortgages is $ .35 per $100 (or fraction thereof).

The intangible tax is $ .002 for each $1 of consideration on applicable documents.

A self-addressed stamped envelope must be provided with your documents. It is not necessary to provide one envelope per document if all documents are to be returned to the same address, provided that envelopes and postage meet the U.S. Postal Service guidelines.
Document Formatting Requirements
Real property documents can be recorded in person at the main courthouse or sent through the mail. Additionally, the branch offices will accept documents with the appropriate fees and send them to the main courthouse to be recorded.

The Clerk and Comptroller’s Office is unable to accept a modified certified copy of any document for re-recording. They are unable to record an uncertified copy of any document, with or without changes. In order to record a document that has changes to the original, provide either a new document or make the modification to the original document.

Submit a recording transmittal form with the deed. The form is available on the Clerk and Comptroller's website.

• To entitle any real property document to be recorded, the execution must be acknowledged by the party executing it and proved by a subscribing witness to it. Two witnesses are required on the signature page.

• Beneath all signatures in the document, the corresponding name must be typed, printed, or handwritten in dark black or blue ink. Signatures are needed from the person who executed the document, the witnesses, and the notary public.

• A complete name and address is needed for the person who executed the instrument and for the person who prepared the instrument. The preparer’s statement can be given in the following format: “This instrument was prepared by NAME and ADDRESS.”

• Documents that require state documentary stamps are bonds, deeds and all conveyances, notes and written obligations to pay money, mortgages, liens, and other evidences of indebtedness.

• Intangible tax is required on obligations to pay money involving real estate.

• Documents should be submitted on 8.5x11 inch white paper.

• Black ink should be used throughout the document, with a font size of at least 9 point.

• On the first page, a 3x3 inch blank space (minimum) in the upper right corner should be provided for the county clerk. In the upper right hand corner of each subsequent page, a 1.5x3 inch blank space should be provided.

• The consideration paid must be listed on the document of conveyance.

• A legal description must be included in the real property document.

• A property appraiser’s parcel identification number is needed on a deed.
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