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Georgia - Columbia County Recorder Information

The Clerk of Superior Court is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Columbia County.

Recording Fees

The transfer tax form must be prepared and filed with all deeds that transfer property. The correct map and parcel number must be provided on the PT-61 form. To prepare a PT-61 form, visit the Georgia Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority website.

Transfer tax is determined on the basis of the basis of the written disclosure of the consideration or value of the interest in property granted.

Filing all instruments pertaining to real estate including deeds, deeds of trust, affidavits, releases, notices and certificates, and cancellation of deeds:
First page: $10.00
Each additional page: $2.00
Each cross-reference: $2.00

The Clerk of Superior Court shall not be required to refund excess sums tendered to the clerk as payment of costs or fees enumerated in this Code section (15-6-77) when such payment exceeds the amount required by this Code section by less than $15.00.

Document Formatting Requirements

A deed may be recorded at any time; but a prior unrecorded deed loses its priority over a subsequent recorded deed from the same vendor when the purchaser takes such deed without notice of the existence of the prior deed.

* Deeds must be attested by two witnesses, one of whom must be the notary. If one of the two witnesses is not a notary, there must be an acknowledgment by a notary attached to the deed.

* Before an instrument can be recorded it must be signed, dated, and acknowledged as required by law.

* Submit documents on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper or 8.5x14 inch white paper. Black or blue ink in a font size of at least 10 point is required.

* On the first page, provide a 3-inch top margin. All other margins should be at least 1 inch.

* At the top of the first page, provide the name and mailing address of the person to whom the deed is to be returned after recording.

* The name and address of the grantee must be included.

* The grantor must sign the document. Corresponding names must be printed, typed, or stamped beneath all signatures.

* A security deed must show the final maturity date of the indebtedness.

* Provide a legal description of the real property being conveyed. The legal description should show the lot, block, and subdivision name.

A Real estate transfer tax form must be presented whenever a deed is recorded. The transfer tax is determined on the basis of the written disclosure of the consideration or value of the interest in the property granted. The disclosure should be made on a form or in electronic format prescribed by the commissioner and provided by the clerk of the superior court.