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Kentucky Recorder Information

The County Clerk is responsible for recording deeds for each county in Kentucky. All deeds, mortgages, and other instruments required by law to be recorded to be effectual against purchasers without notice, or creditors, should be recorded in the county clerk’s office of the county in which the property conveyed, or greater part of it, is located.

A county clerk will not record a deed unless the instrument plainly specifies and refers to the next immediate source from which the grantor derived title to property or interest conveyed therein. If the source of title is a deed or other recorded writing, the deed offered for record should refer to the former deed or writing, and give the office, book and page where it is recorded and the date on which it was recorded. If the property was obtained by inheritance or in any other way than by recorded instrument, the deed presented for recording should state clearly and accurately how and from the grantor obtained the title. Real Estate Deeds

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