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Recorder Office Locations

San Juan County Clerk
100 South Oliver Dr, Suite 200 / PO Box 550, Aztec, New Mexico 87410
7:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday
Phone: (505) 334-9471

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San Juan County New Mexico Register of Deeds

San Juan County Recorder Information

The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in San Juan County.

Recording Fees

The fee to record a deed is $25, but only $10 when a document is personally brought into the Clerk's Office by either the grantor or grantee listed on the document with proof of identity (driver's license or another picture ID). Mailed in documents are not brought in personally, therefore the $10 fee does not apply. Mailing address is: P.O. Box 550, Aztec, NM 87410

If a document contains more than 10 entries to be indexed, there will be an additional $25 for each additional block of 10 or fewer entries to be indexed.
Each indexed grantor and grantee counts as one entry. For example: Jim White and Helen White, husband and wife equals two entries. Helen White, aka Helen Rogers equals two entries.

Recording fees are due at the time of recording. Make checks or money order payable to San Juan County Clerk.

The San Juan County Clerk’s office also accepts e-Recordings.
Document Formatting Requirements
• Documents to be recorded must be originals or certified copies.

• The notary information must be complete. The signature, date, seal, and expiration date is required. An instrument must be acknowledged in order to be recorded.

• Paper should be at least 8.5x11 inches, and should be no larger than 8.5x14 inches.

• A 1x4 inch space in the upper right hand corner is required for the recording label. If sufficient space is not provided, an additional page will be added.

• Black ink and a font size of at least 10 point should be used.

• Documents must be legible and reproducible after they have been scanned.

• The real property must be identified with a grantor and grantee.

• The grantor’s signature must be on all deeds submitted.

• A street address is not an adequate legal description. A complete legal description is required for the transfer of property.

• The marital status of male grantors should be listed on documents of conveyance.
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