Bucks County, Pennsylvania - Recorder Information

Register of Deeds

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The Bucks County Recorder of Deeds office is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records for the county. The Bucks County Recorder of Deeds office houses public records from 1864 to present.

Recording Fees

Deeds (any form) $81.75
Deed Agreement (no property transfer)* $68.75
Deed Agreement (property transfer) $81.75
Right of Way $68.75
Easements $68.75 4.00
Lease-Over 30 yrs $81.75
Lease-Under 30 yrs $28.50
Installment Agreement $68.75
Re-record Deed $83.75 4.00

Mortgages $81.75
Mortgage Assignment $70.75
Mortgage Agreement $70.75
Mortgage Assumption $70.75
Mortgage on Leaseholds $81.75
Mortgage Spreader $70.75
Mortgage Release $70.75
Mortgage Satisfaction $70.75
Mortgage Modification $30.50
Mortgage Subordination $70.75
Re-Record Mortgage $83.75

After the initial four pages and/or names, the fee is an additional $4 per page and/or $1 per name.
Each additional parcel number in excess of 1 will be $10 each.

Miscellaneous $18.50
Power of Atty-General $18.50
Power of Atty-Specific $28.50
Notary Bond, Oath, Signature Card* $43.00
Finance Statements $100.00
Soldier's Discharges $0.00

Copies by mail $1.00 per page
Copies in person $0.50 per page
Copies of Plan $5.00 per page
Certification $1.50
Rejection Fee $10.00

Local and state transfer taxes, both equaling 1% of the total consideration may be due upon recording.

All checks should be made payable to "Bucks County Recorder of Deeds."

Contact the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds at 215-348-6209 if you have questions about recording fees and transfer taxes.

Document Formatting Requirements

Deeds conveying property in any of the following municipalities MUST be registered with them within 72 hours after recording: Sellersville, Perkasie, Quakertown, New Britain, Newtown, Doylestown and Morrisville Boroughs and Buckingham, Doylestown, New Britain, Lower Southampton, West Rockhill, Wrightstown, Durham and Warwick Townships.


* On the top of the first page of a document, there must be a 3 inch margin. The left side of this will contain the 'Prepared by and Return to' name, address, and telephone number, followed by the typed county parcel number. The right side of this margin is reserved for the recorder.

* All other margins on the first page are 1 inch, as are all margins on all subsequent pages.

* Documents must be submitted on white 8.5 x 11 inch paper with a font size no smaller than 10 point. Black ink should be used. Printing can be double-sided, as long as the type does not bleed through to the other side.

* Grantee(s) addresses must be typed.

* Deeds will not be accepted unless the transfer tax is paid at the time of recording. In many sales agreements, the buyer and the seller split the tax, but the new owner is responsible if there are questions relating to the amount of tax paid.

* A Statement of Value form is required if the transfer tax is not paid, or if the true value of the land is not listed on the deed. A transfer tax or statement of value must accompany all transfers unless an exemption is clearly stated in the deed.

* When a deed conveys property in more than one municipality it is required to state what portion of the total value is credited to each taxing body.

* A deed must be acknowledged in order to be recorded. The acknowledgment date cannot predate the document date. The acknowledgment must include the following: county, state, date, person or corporate officer's names and titles of persons appearing, notary signature, seal, and expiration date. If any item is missing, the acknowledgment will be defective.

* A deed or mortgage should indicate the property's municipality, county, and state.

* All documents directly related to real estate must show the county tax parcel number and be submitted to the Bucks County Board of Assessment prior to recording.