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Carbon County, Wyoming

Recorder Offices

Carbon County Clerk

Courthouse - 415 West Pine, Rawlins, Wyoming 82301

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: (307) 328-2677

Wyoming - Carbon County Recorder Information

The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in Carbon County.

Register of Deeds

You are NOT on the Carbon County official website, you are on, a private website that is not affiliated with any government agency.

Recording Fees

As per Wyoming Statute 18-3-402 (XVI), effective July 1, 2013:

To record the first page of a document, the fee is $12. Each additional page is $3.

For an instrument with more than 5 grantors or grantees of a different surname, a $1 fee will apply to each additional name.

For each section, lot, block, or tract in excess of 10, a $1 fee will apply to each additional description.

For any instrument containing more than 2 real estate descriptions by book and page, there is a $2 fee for each additional reference.

Document Formatting Requirements

- Submit original or certified copies to the county clerk. A copy, other than a certified copy, cannot be recorded. The document should be letter sized (8.5 x 11 inches) or legal sized (8.5 x 14 inches). There are no additional fees for submitting a legal-sized document. Printing may be double-sided; however, when fees are calculated, each side containing print will count as a page.

- A cover page is not required, but as they generally contain excellent contact information that is helpful to staff, the County Clerk appreciates the submission of a cover page.

- At the top of the first page, provide a blank 3-inch margin. After the margin, a document title should be given.

- All documents must be acknowledged (notarized) in accordance with Wyoming law. The grantor must sign and acknowledge the instrument.

- An instrument will not be recorded until the address of the grantee has been furnished to the county clerk.

Statement of Consideration:

When a deed or other document transferring legal or equitable title to real property is submitted for recording, the instrument shall be accompanied by a statement under oath by the grantee or his agent that discloses the name of the grantor and grantee, the date of transfer, date of sale, a legal description of the real property transferred, the actual full amount paid or to be paid for the property, terms of sale, and an estimate of the value of any non-real property included in the sale.

This statement will not be public record. Real Estate Deeds

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