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Arizona Personal Representative Deed

The Personal Representative's Deed of Distribution provides essential information about the probate estate and the property transfer in one document.

When a person dies, someone must take responsibility for distributing the remaining assets according to the instructions set out in the decedent's will (if there is one), while also following state and local laws. This person is often known as an executor or an administrator of the estate. Arizona, however, identifies the individual who accepts that fiduciary duty as a personal representative.

One common task involves transferring title on the decedent's real estate. Deeds used for this purpose must meet the same state and local requirements as warranty or quitclaim deeds. In addition, they include other details, such as facts about the deceased property owner, the probate case, and anything else deemed necessary by the situation.

Note that these deeds may need to be recorded with the probate registrar/clerk of superior court as well as the county recording office. Consult with a legal professional who is involved in managing the specific probate case to ensure that all recording and notice requirements are met.

Personal representative's deeds of distribution are useful for both testate (with a will) and intestate (without a will) estates. Each case is unique, though, so contact an attorney with specific questions or for complex circumstances. Arizona Personal Representative Deed Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Tuesday February 9, 2021

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George D. said: The TODD form has been notarized and registered with my county Register of Deeds office, so it works just fine. My only quibble is that when I printed it out, it missed part of the last line of the notary's info and the fine print in the bottom corners. When I printed it at 90% scale, it included those things.

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Kenneth-Wayne L. said: 1) I was very pleased when the staff mentioned your service since the three referenced on the Recorder's website all wanted HUGE Account set-up and maintenance fees AND BIG fees per recording, and yours has no set-up fee AND nominal per-recording fee; 2) My (few) recordings will be NON-LAND Related, summary or entire record(s) of Administrative (Procedures Act) records, Other than the Border width and Cover Sheet, do you anticipate any other special requirements for such recording(s)? NOTE: I just sent one by Snail Mail, and they just informed me that due to the GERMIPHOBIA 'Pandemic' the ONLY open and record Snail Mail ONCE A MONTH On the first of each chmonth!

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Wayne T. said: I was skeptical when I first came upon this website. Not sure why I had such a negative feeling, but after I received the printed deed I felt relieved and completely satisfied. This is a great website for everyone who wouldn't want to retrieve their deed in person and worth the reasonable fee.

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Theresa M. said: was simple to use and had a quick turnaround. Saved me so much time hunting around on the internet and recorder's office website to try and figure out the process. would definitely use again!

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Sara R. said: The deed is presently at the auditors office and will be recorded after approval from zoning board. As far as I know, everything is going along well. A self addressed envelope was left at recorder's office for return after recording is complete.

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Arizona Personal Representative Deed Form