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Arkansas Release of Mechanic Lien

When debt secured by a mechanic's lien is paid by a property owner, the claimant is required to enter a satisfaction or release of lien in the office of the clerk of court within 10 days' receipt of payment pursuant to Ark. Code Sec. 18-44-131.

Arkansas does not have a statutory form for release of lien. Even so, entering a release into the public records provides an end point for the recorded lien. This helps to preserve a clear chain of title, which is important for future transactions involving the property.

The release of lien document should contain enough information to clear the encumbrance of the claim of lien from the property title. The release names the property owner and the claimant releasing the lien, and references the claim by instrument number and date of filing. Because the instrument affects real property, a legal description of the parcel is recommended so that the property may be identified correctly.

The lien claimant must sign the release in the presence of a notary public before recording the document in the circuit clerk's office where the property is located. Documents submitted for recording must meet Arkansas's standardized form, the requirements of which are located at Ark. Code Sec. 14-15-402.

Consult a licensed attorney with questions about releasing mechanic's liens, or for any other issues related to liens in Arkansas. Arkansas Release of Mechanic Lien Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday August 9, 2019

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Arkansas Release of Mechanic Lien Form