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Illinois Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney for Property

This short for power of attorney allows for a primary agent and successor agents (agents who will act if the primary agent can't or won't act)
Categories that your agent can or can NOT perform. Each governed by Illinois Statutes.

(a) Real estate transactions.
(b) Financial institution transactions.
(c) Stock and bond transactions.
(d) Tangible personal property transactions.
(e) Safe deposit box transactions.
(f) Insurance and annuity transactions.
(g) Retirement plan transactions.
(h) Social Security, employment and military service benefits.
(i) Tax matters.
(j) Claims and litigation.
(k) Commodity and option transactions.
(l) Business operations.
(m) Borrowing transactions.
(n) Estate transactions.
(o) All other property transactions. (755 ILCS 45/3-4)

This is a recordable document, if you allow your agent to transfer real property, Title Companies and/or other third parties will usually require the power of attorney to be recorded before a transfer of real property can take place if it has not been done so previously. This power of attorney includes an addendum page to list real property. Illinois Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney for Property Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday March 27, 2020

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Cathleen H. said: The pdf form is good; however, the input boxes merge into the line above so the text is hard to read when complete. I added a return before entering my data and this solved the problem.

Reply from Staff: Thank you for your feedback Cathleen. We will have staff take a look at the document for issues with the text fields. Have a great day!

Allan y. said: I liked the guide and example to follow to fill out the form. Very helpful!!

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Donna J. said: what do you do with it once filled out. doesn't tell you

Reply from Staff: Generally, once the documents are completed and executed they are recorded with the recorder where the property is located.

donald h. said: very informative and thank everyone involved,my deed needed to be changed and will adjusted.

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Brian W. said: Easy, but it would be nice if there was an option for font size. It looks tiny, like 6 or 8.

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Illinois Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney for Property Form