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Assignment of Mortgage for Real Estate Located in Massachusetts

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Use this form to assign an existing mortgage to another party.
Formatted for recordation in the [Registry of Deeds] or [Land Court Registry], approximately 15 to 20% of land in Massachusetts is registered land, meaning the land is insured by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and documents affecting real property must be recorded in the Land Court.

Section 28. In an assignment of a mortgage of real estate the word ''assign'' shall be a sufficient word to transfer the mortgage, without the words ''transfer and set over''.

Mortgage broker endorsement included.
Section 6D. Every mortgage and assignment of mortgage secured by residential property, as defined in section 1 of chapter 255E, presented for record, in which a mortgage broker, as defined in said section 1 of said chapter 255E, is involved shall contain or have endorsed upon it the name, post office address and license number of the mortgage broker and, if applicable, the mortgage loan originator, as defined in section 1 of chapter 255F, responsible for placing the mortgage loan with the mortgagee. This endorsement, or notation that no mortgage broker or mortgage loan originator was involved in the mortgage, if known, shall be recorded as part of the mortgage or assignment of mortgage. Failure to comply with this section shall not affect the validity of any mortgage or the recording of any mortgage or assignment of mortgage.

When a mortgage is assigned, proper disclosures must be presented to current borrower(s). Generally within 30 days to avoid penalty. Included is a "NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE" document.

(Massachusetts Assignment of Mortgage Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example) For use in Massachusetts only.

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