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North Carolina Deed of Partial Release

Partial Release documents are guided by North Carolina Statutes 45-36.22

A partial release document for a Deed of Trust must do all the following:

1. State the Deed of Trust it is releasing, original parties to the Deed of Trust, recording data for the Deed of Trust (Book and Page number) and the office in which the Deed of Trust was recorded.

2. That (if the security instrument is a deed of trust, that the person or persons signing the partial release is or are the secured creditor, the trustee, or both the secured creditor and the trustee.) 45-36.22(2)

This Deed of Partial Release is formatted to be used by the secured creditor only, meaning the lender signs the document without the trustee and states:

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD said Released Property, together with all privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging, to the Owner, its successors and assigns, free and discharged from the lien and operation of the Deed of Trust But it is agreed that this Release shall apply only to Released Property and as to the remainder of the property described in the Deed of Trust (not heretofore released), the Deed of Trust shall remain in full force and effect. North Carolina Deed of Partial Release Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday March 26, 2021

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North Carolina Deed of Partial Release Form