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Recorder Office Locations

Pottawatomie County Register of Deeds
207 North 1st St., Westmoreland, Kansas 66549
8:00am to 4:30pm.M-F
Phone: (785) 457-3471
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Pottawatomie County Kansas Register of Deeds

Pottawatomie County Recorder Information

The recorder in Pottawatomie County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.

Recording Fees

When sending in documents, be sure to send the correct fees and any applicable taxes.

To record the first page of a deed, mortgage, or other instrument of writing, the fee is $8. Each additional page is $4.

If the names of signors are not printed or typed beneath signatures, $1 will be charged and collected for each signature, in addition to regular recording fees.
Document Formatting Requirements
Documents are recorded the same day they are received. First, the document is evaluated on the basis of completeness, compliance with Kansas statutes, and then is scanned for obvious errors. Next, the proper fees are assessed. The document is not filed until proper fees have been paid. Finally, the document is recorded in the proper reception book. When the indexing is completed, the document is reproduced digitally and as a hard copy. The original documents are then sent back to the owner.

• Original instruments only can be recorded. Do not send copies.

• Page size should not exceed legal size (8.5x14 inches).

• On the first page, a top margin of 2.5 inches should be left blank for the Register of Deeds.

• Documents must be properly signed, acknowledged, and notarized.

• All schedules and exhibits accompanying the document should be clearly identified.

• Instruments need to be properly titled and dated.

• The name and address of the preparer of the document needs to be listed on the first page. A return name and address should also be listed.

• Names of signors must be plainly typed or printed beneath signatures.

• A legal description of the real property should be included in the document. The legal description should be compatible with all initial recordings.

• The sum of consideration being paid for the property should be included.

• The grantee’s complete mailing address should be furnished to the Register of Deeds upon recording.

Deeds must be accompanied by a completed Real Estate Questionnaire, or show a K.S.A. exemption number on the face of the deed.
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