Gloucester County, New Jersey - Recorder Information

Register of Deeds

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The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining records in Gloucester County.

Recording Fees


General Recording Fees
First Page $30
Each Page After $10
Marginal Notation or Abstract Fee $10

Abstract of Judgment $25
Agreement $30, $10
Assign/Fine Statement (UCC) $25
Assignment/Rents $30, $10
Assignment of Tax Sale $30, $10, $10
Assignment of Mortgage $30, $10, $10
Assumption of Mortgage $30, $10, $10
Bill of Sale $30, $10
Cancelation of Mortgage $20
Cancelation of Tax Sale $20
Certificate of Incorporation $25
Certified Copy $2
Condominium Lien $30, $10
Construction Lien $15
Continuation Fine State (UCC) $25
Copy of Map $5
Declaration of Taking $30, $10, $10
Deed $30, $10, $10
Discharge Construction Lien $15
Discharge Lis Pendens $40
Discharge of Mortgage $30, $10, $10
Disclaimer $15
Dissolution of Trade Name $25 (Checks are not accepted)
Declaration of Restrictions $30, $10
Discharge of Notice Settlement $20
Easement $30, $10, $10
Extension of Mortgage $30, $10, $10
Federal Tax Lien $25
Filed Map Subdivision $55
Final Judgment $30, $10, $10
Firemans Exemption No Charge
Firemans Vending License No Charge
Financing Statement (UCC) $25
Hospital Lien $15
Inheritance Tax Waiver $15
Lease $30, $10
Lien Claim $9
Lis Pendens/ Foreclosure $40
Lis Pendens/ Recorded $30, $10
Map Non-Subdivision $55
Marginal Notation Additional $10
Merger $30, $10
Modification Agreement $30, $10, $10
Memo of Indenture $30, $10
Mortgage $30, $10
Municipality - Deed $8
Municipality - Mortgage $8
Notary Name Change No Charge
Notary $15
Notice of Settlement $20
Notary Certificate Authority $5
Notary Certificate Commission $15
Partial Release of Fin State (UCC) $25
Passport $35
Passport Photo Single $5
Passport Family Photo $10
Passport Photo Age 5 and Under No Charge
Physicians Lien $15
Physicians Registration $25
Postponement of Mortgage $30, $10, $10
Power of Attorney $30, $10
Redemption of Tax Sale Cert $30, $10, $10
Release of Federal Tax Lien $25
Release of Mortgage $30, $10, $10
Release of Judgment $30, $10, $10
Right of Way $30, $10, $10
Service Discharge Honorable No Charge
Subordination Agreement $30, $10, $10
Tax Sale Certificate $30, $10
Tax Sale Certificate Municipal $8
Termination of Lease $30, $10, $10
Termination of Fine State (UCC) $25
Trade Name $50 (Checks are not accepted)
Travel (Passport) Card $35
UCC Amendment Fine Statement $25
UCC Postponement $25
UCCSubordination $25
Vacation Order $30, $10
Veterans Vending License-No Charge

Payment Guidelines
All checks for $10,000 or more must be certified
All checks must be dated within 90 days, unless noted otherwise on the check
Limit of ten documents per check
No out of state personal checks will be accepted
Personal checks over $200 must be certified checks, bank checks or money orders

The Clerk's Office is now accepting Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

The realty transfer tax fees must be paid at the time of recording and are as follows:
$2 per $500 of consideration in excess of $150,000;
$3.35 per $500 of consideration not in excess of $150,000 but not more than $200,000;
$3.90 per $500 of consideration in excess of $200,000 but not more than $350,000.

For considerations in excess of that amount, see the New Jersey treasury's website.

Reduced rates apply to senior citizens, blind or disabled persons and on property that is low/moderate-income housing.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Submit documents on white paper that is at least 8.5 x 11 inches but not larger than 8.5 x 14 inches.

* All instruments must be in English and must be properly acknowledged.

* Signatures must be original with corresponding names typed or printed underneath.

* Illegible instruments will be returned unrecorded.

* On the first page, provide an adequate amount of space for the recording information. A 3-inch margin should be sufficient, but be sure to check with the county recorder before recording.

* All deeds must contain a "Prepared by" statement on the first page, which should include the name and signature of the person who drafted the instrument.

* A return address is required to be present on all documents. To help facilitate the return process, a self-addressed stamped envelope should also be included.

* The grantor must be named in the deed, and must also sign and have his/her signature acknowledged. In the case of an estate, provide the deceased's name.

* The grantee must also be named in a document of conveyance. Provide the grantee's address, including zip code.

* Deeds must include the tax block and lot and the total consideration.

* If the property has not been subdivided, the reference should be preceded by the words "part of." If no lot and block or account number have been assigned to the real property, the deed should state this fact.

* If recording a cancellation of mortgage, the original recording mortgage must be presented properly endorsed for cancellation.

* On transfers involving new construction, the words "NEW CONSTRUCTION" should be printed clearly at the top of the first page of the deed, and an affidavit by the grantor stating that the transfer is of property upon which there is new construction shall be appended to the deed.

* A Seller's Residency Form must be attached to all deeds recorded after August 1, 2004.

All deeds must include one of these following forms:

Nonresident seller's tax declaration- GIT/REP-1

Nonresident seller's tax prepayment receipt- GIT/REP-2

Seller's residency certification/exemption -- GIT/REP-3

Waiver of seller's filing requirement -- GIT/REP-4

Waiver of seller's filing requirement (corrective deed with no consideration)---GIT/REP-4a

These forms can be downloaded from the New Jersey Department of the Treasury website.

For non-residents, estates, or trusts that sell or transfer real property in New Jersey, an estimated Gross Income Tax payment is required to be made prior to recording the deed. The payment must be made to the Division of Taxation prior to closing or at closing. A list of exemptions and further details can be found on the New Jersey Division of Taxation webpage.

The estimated gross income tax payment applies to the grantor.


If re-recording a deed, the reason for re-recording should be stated at the top of the first page. All changes in the document shall be initialed by the document preparer. A new acknowledgment is required. If the realty transfer fees were paid at the time of the original recording and the consideration amount has not changed, an affidavit will have to be filed with the new deed. A document will not be re-recorded if the changes are substantial enough that a new document should have been recorded.


No county recording officer shall record any deed evidencing transfer of title to real property unless (a) the consideration is recited in the deed or (b) an affidavit by one or more of the parties named in the deed declaring the consideration is annexed for recording with the deed and (c) realty transfer fees are paid.

The affidavit must be annexed to and recorded with the deed when the entire consideration is not recited in the deed, acknowledgment, or proof of execution; when the grantor claims a total or partial exemption from the fee; Class 4 property that includes commercial, industrial, or apartment property; and for transfers of "new construction."

In the case of a deed, consideration means the actual amount of money and the monetary value of any other thing of value constituting the entire compensation paid or to be paid for the transfer, including the remaining amount of any prior mortgage to which the transfer is subject or which is assumed and agreed to be paid by the grantee and any other lien or encumbrance not paid, satisfied, or removed in connection with the transfer of title.