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Recorder Office Locations

Asotin County Auditor
135 2nd St / PO Box 129, Asotin, Washington 99402
Monday through Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm
Phone: (509) 243-2084

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Asotin County Washington Register of Deeds

Asotin County Recorder Information

The Recording Office in the County Auditor’s office is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Asotin County.

Recording Fees

To record a deed, the fee is $73 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.

To record a deed of trust, the fee is $74 for the first page and $1 for each additional page.

Certified copies are $3.

A document that does not meet the margin and font requirements may be recorded with an “Emergency Non-Standard” Cover sheet. The emergency non-standard fee is $50, and an emergency non-standard cover sheet is $1. This is in addition to regular recording fees.

A fully prepared cover sheet requesting a non-standard recording should be attached to each non-compliant document. The cover sheet should be signed by the document preparer. The below statement should be at the bottom of the cover sheet for non-standard documents:

“I am requesting an emergency nonstandard recording for an additional fee as provided in RCW 36.18.010. I understand that the recording processing requirements may cover up or otherwise obscure some part of the text of the original document.” The requesting party should sign this statement.

The responsibility for preparing an instrument, plat, survey, or other document is that of the document preparer. The county auditor or deputy auditor is not responsible for screening the document to make sure it is properly drafted. The county auditor’s responsibility is limited to verifying that proper fees are tendered, that the instrument contains a title(s), indexing information is complete, the document is legible, and that the document is formatted correctly.
Document Formatting Requirements
• A document should consist of one or more individual pages not permanently bound or in a continuous form. White paper measuring no larger than 8.5x14 inches and no smaller than 8.5x11 inches is required. All pages must be legible and capable of being imaged. Paper must be of a weight and color capable of producing an image.

• Ink must be a color capable of producing an image. Black ink on white 20# paper will work best for this. The font size must be at least 8 point.

• All seals must be legible and capable of being imaged. Pressure seals must be darkened.

• The grantor must sign the document and must have his signature notarized by an official authorized to do so.

• On the top of the first page, provide a 3-inch top margin. The return address can be placed in the left side of this margin, but the right side is reserved for the County Auditor. Side and bottom margins on the first page should be 1 inch. All margins on subsequent pages should be at least 1 inch.

• No attachments should be stapled, glued, or otherwise affixed to any page.

• Below the 3-inch top margin, the following information should be given: the document title; reference number of documents assigned or released (if applicable); names of grantors and grantees with a reference to pages where additional names can be found (if applicable); an abbreviated legal description (i.e. lot, block, and subdivision name/case number, or quarter, quarter, section, township, and range); and the assessor’s property tax parcel number (11 digits).

• Deeds, contracts, and mortgages of real estate described by lot and block or addition and plat will not be filed or recorded until the plat of such addition has been filed and made a matter of record.

• Names appearing on documents are to be hand printed, printed, or typewritten below signatures so as to be legible.

• A cover page may be used to meet the first page margin and indexing requirements. One dollar will be added to the recording fees when a cover page is used.

A Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit must accompany any legal document transferring ownership of real property. All areas of the form must be filled in and completed. Once completed, forms should be sent to the County Treasurer or County Auditor where the property is located.

The recording act in Washington is a race-notice statute. Under this statute, a later buyer who pays fair value for real property, does not have notice of any earlier conflicting interests, and records first, wins and will have priority over any later recordings.
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