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Florida Lis Pendens

In Florida, for a Lis Pendens to be effective it must be recorded in the county recorder's office, (where the property is located) 48.23 (1)(a).

A Florida notice of lis pendens must contain the following:

a.(The names of the parties.)

b.(The date of the institution of the action, the date of the clerk's electronic receipt, or the case number of the action.)

c.(The name of the court in which it is pending.)

d.(A description of the property involved or to be affected.)

e.(A statement of the relief sought as to the property.) 48.23 (c)1.

A Florida Lis Pendens stays if effect for one year in general. (The court may impose such terms for the extension of time as justice requires.) 48.23(2)

A Lis Pendens is usually filed by the plaintiff ( party initiating suit).
In general, every document filed in a Florida (court proceeding) (must be served) (on each party.) 2.516(a)

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