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Florida Mortgage Instrument and Promissory Note

Use this mortgage for financing residential property, condominiums, planned unit developments and land. This mortgage and promissory note can be used for conventional financing or balloon payments. In Florida [every mortgage in which the final payment or the principal balance due and payable upon maturity is greater than twice the amount of the regular monthly or periodic payment of the mortgage shall be deemed a balloon mortgage; and, except as provided in subparagraph 2., there shall be printed or clearly stamped on such mortgage a legend in substantially the following form: THIS IS A BALLOON MORTGAGE AND THE FINAL PRINCIPAL PAYMENT OR THE PRINCIPAL BALANCE DUE UPON MATURITY IS $ , TOGETHER WITH ACCRUED INTEREST, IF ANY, AND ALL ADVANCEMENTS MADE BY THE MORTGAGEE UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS MORTGAGE.] [697.05(2)(a)1]. A mortgage and promissory note with strict default terms can be beneficial to a party financing a real property.
For use in Florida Only. Florida Mortgage Instrument and Promissory Note Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday October 15, 2021

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Florida Mortgage Instrument and Promissory Note Form