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Nebraska Personal Representative Deed of Distribution

A personal representative is the fiduciary appointed by the County Court to administer a decedent's estate in probate. The deed transfers title to a decedent's real property to the distributee as grantee. The distributee may be a devisee under the decedent's will, or an heir with a right to succeeding interest under Nebraska's laws of intestate succession when there is no testamentary disposition.

Record a deed of distribution in the Register of Deeds office of the county where the subject property is located as proof of the distributee's succession to the decedent's interest in real property (Neb. Rev. Stat. 30-24,106). PR deeds typically recite the decedent's name and the case number assigned to the estate by the court, and expressly state that the grantor is executing the deed in a representative capacity. They must meet all requirements of form and content for documents pertaining to interest in real property in the State of Nebraska, including a complete legal description of the subject parcel. A Real Estate Transfer Form is required, but the conveyance is exempt from documentary stamp tax.

As always, consult an attorney with questions regarding personal representative's deeds and any other issues related to probate in Nebraska. Nebraska Personal Representative Deed of Distribution Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday March 15, 2019

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Nebraska Personal Representative Deed of Distribution Form