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Texas Certificate of Trust

A certification of trust is a document that contains relevant details about an established trust containing real property. It is governed by Texas Property Code Sec. 114.086. A certification of trust validates the existence of the trust by identifying its full name, the date it was established, the names of the settlor (grantor) and trustees, the trustees' powers, and other details as needed. This is important because it allows the actual trust agreement, which is generally not recorded, to remain private.

The form is executed by the trustee and signed by the trustee and grantor (who can be the same person) and recorded in the office of the county recorder in any Texas county in which all or a portion of the real property is located. In order to facilitate a transfer of real property into a trust, financial institutions may require the trustee to furnish a certification of trust. In addition, third parties may request a certification of trust to confirm the trustee has the authority to transfer real property out of the trust. Texas Certificate of Trust Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Wednesday March 10, 2021

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Texas Certificate of Trust Form