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Texas Request for Information from Owner

What information must the owner provide on a Texas construction project?

The Request for Information from Owner is a form letter used to obtain information from the property owner on a construction job. The required information from the owner includes a description of the real property, details of any surety bond posted, whether there are prior recorded liens or security interests on the property, and the date on which the original contract for the project was executed.

Under TEX. PROP. CODE 53.159(a), upon a written request, the property owner must provide the information within a reasonable time to anyone who furnished labor or materials. The owner must respond no later than the 10th day after the date the request is received.

If the requester is not in direct contractual relationship with the owner on the project, the owner may require payment of the actual costs in producing the information which cannot exceed $25.00. TEX. PROP. CODE 53.159(e). Therefore, some people choose to enclose a check with the request form, up to $25.00, to cover any costs.

If the owner fails to furnish the required information, he or she may be liable for reasonable and necessary costs incurred in procuring the requested information. TEX. PROP. CODE 53.159(f).

Each case is unique, and the Texas lien law is complex. Contact an attorney with specific questions about requesting information about a construction project from the property owner, or any other issues related to mechanic's liens.

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Thomas W. said: easy to use, no problems except in beneficiary box. Need to make the box bigger because I have 4 beneficiaries to list. how do I enlarge the box.

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Thanks for reaching out. All available space on the document is being used. As is noted in the guide, if you have information that does not fit in the available space the included exhibit page should be used.

Thomas D. said: Can I use this for easement in gross ? Like to grant cousins easement to use river front property with riparian rights ?

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Sorry, we are unable to give advice on specific legal situations.


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Thank you!

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