Vermont Mortgage Security Agreement and Promissory Note

Mortgage Security Agreement and Promissory Note for Real Estate Located in Vermont

Vermont Mortgage Security Agreement and Promissory Note Image

("Mortgage loan" means a loan secured primarily by a lien against real estate.) Use these forms to finance real property; residential property, vacant land, rental units, condominiums, commercial and planned unit developments. (V.S.A. 2101(13) Definitions)

This mortgage contains a power of sale clause pursuant to the provisions of 12 V.S.A. Chapter 172, which allows for a non-judicial foreclosure when applicable, saving time and expense for the lender. A non-judicial foreclosure generally applies to any real property except for a dwelling house of two units or less, that is occupied by the owner as a principal residence, or farmland. If a non-judicial foreclosure is NOT applicable this form allows for a judicial foreclosure.

The debt is evidenced by the Promissory Note that is governed by the State of Vermont. A Mortgage and Promissory Note with stringent default terms and conditions can be beneficial to the lender.

Vermont is a "notice" state. Delivery of a mortgage instrument of real property constitutes constructive notice as of the time it is recorded.

For use in Vermont only.

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