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Recorder Office Locations

Recorder of Deeds - Louis L Redding Building
800 North French St, 4th floor, Wilmington, Delaware 19801
9:00am to 4:15pm Monday thru Friday
Phone: (302) 395-7700
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New Castle County Delaware Register of Deeds

New Castle County Recorder Information

The Recorder of Deeds is the repository for all land transaction records, corporate filings and financing statements in New Castle County.

Recording Fees

A document fee of $30 is added to all documents, as well as a $5 technology fee.

The fee to record a deed or mortgage is $13 per page. Each parcel description listed in the document is $3.

Certified copies of any record are $3 or $6 (if furnished by Recorder's Office). Certificate for certified copies is $1 each.
Document Formatting Requirements
• Documents should have a 2 ½ inch margin at the top of the left side on the first page.

• On the top of the first page on the right side, the document should have a 1-inch margin.

• In the upper right corner, below the 1 inch margin, the tax parcel identification number should be listed, along with the preparer’s name and address, and the submitter’s return address. The preparer’s name and address should be two line spaces below the parcel number and should be given in the following form: ‘Prepared by………………………….(name and address).’

• All other margins on the first page should be at least ¾ of an inch.

• Additional document pages should have a 1-inch margin on the top, and left, right, and bottom margins of at least ¾ of an inch.

• All documents should be typed or print with font at least 12 point in size.

• Any document presented for recording that contains a notarial certificate shall contain a legible printed identification of the name and title of the Notarial Officer. The use of a typewriter, or printed or rubber stamp to provide the required information and expiration date of the officer’s term will be acceptable.

• For all deeds and documents affecting real property, a county tax assessment parcel identification number should be included in the document.

• Documents submitted for recording must be accompanied by an affidavit of residence and gain.
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