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Minnesota - Hennepin County Recorder Information

The Recorder is responsible for maintaining real property records in Hennepin County.

Recording Fees

To record a document, regardless of whether it pertains to registered or unregistered land, the fee is $46. Additional pages of a document do not result in additional fees.

Agricultural Conservation fee of $5.00 is due on every transfer deed filed in Hennepin.

Well Disclosure Certificate: $50.00

These fees may be combined into one check payable to the appropriate office:
Abstract Property - Hennepin County Recorder
Torrens Property - Hennepin County Registrar of Titles

State Deed Tax (SDT): Purchase Price multiplied by .0034 equals the State Deed Tax amount (with a minimum of $1.70) in Hennepin County. When a purchase price is $500 or less, please submit a SDT check for $1.70 along with the following statement noted on the deed: "Total consideration for this transfer is $500 or less."

Make separate State Deed Tax and Mortgage Registration checks payable to: Hennepin County Treasurer

Document Formatting Requirements

- Indicate whether your property is Abstract or Torrens in all correspondence.

- Document must be dated and signed

- Acknowledgment requires:
Date, Legible Notary Seal, Notary Signature and Commission Expiration Date
Individual acknowledgements requires signors names and the marital status of signors being acknowledged (single or husband and wife). A Corporate acknowledgement requires business name and name of signor along with the signors corporate title

- Legal description - Verify that the legal description is complete and correct.

- Exhibits - Verify that all exhibits are attached and labeled.

- Drafted by - All documents require a "Drafted by:" statement, which includes both the name and the address of the drafter of the document.

- Alterations - Most alterations (strikeout or lining through) are unacceptable on legal documents. Whiteout and correction tape are always unacceptable.

- Legibility - By statute, documents deemed illegible are unacceptable for recording. Highlighting may make a document illegible when imaged.

- Certificates of Real Estate Value (CRV) - Verify that the CRV is complete and correctly filled out. Submit all Certificates of Real Estate Value to the Hennepin County Treasurer.

THE NEW eCRV: As of October 2014, transfer deeds require submission of an electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV).
* Submitters fill in the online eCRV form and receive an eCRV ID number.
* They must reference this eCRV ID number when presenting the deed to the county.
* Counties view eCRV data online, verify, and add additional information. They may also download or upload data as needed.
* Paper copies are no longer accepted.

- Tax Statements - All transfer documents require a "Send Tax Statements to" statement, which should include both the names & addresses of all of the grantees on the document.

- Delinquent Taxes - Properties with delinquent taxes may not be transferred (Minn. Stat. 272.12). Submit and make separate checks for delinquent taxes, payable to: Hennepin County Treasurer

- Tax Parcel Split - Conveyance of part of an Auditor's tax parcel - When a deed is submitted for recording that conveys less than the whole of an existing Auditor's tax parcel, then for property located within the Hennepin County cities that have elected to be governed by MN Statute 272.162, evidence of Municipal subdivision approval must be presented, in order for the deed to be accepted for recording.

When a deed is submitted for recording that conveys less than the whole of an Auditor's tax parcel, then the current year taxes must be paid in full on the whole parcel (MN Statute 272.121) in order for the deed to be recorded. This requirement is in addition to the certification of no delinquent taxes.

- Well Disclosure Certificate (WDC): A completed WDC is required for each WDC submitted or one of the following statements must be noted on the document:
"The Seller certifies that the seller does not know of any wells on the described real property." or "I am familiar with the property described in this instrument and I certify that the status and the number of wells on the described real property have not changed since the last previously filed well disclosure certificate."

- When multiple mortgages are being submitted which affect the same land, you must indicate the desired mortgage priority - i.e. Record 1st, Record 2nd, etc.
- Mortgage Registration Tax (MRT) - Verify that MRT check with appropriate amount is included. Mortgage Amount multiplied by .0024 equals the Mortgage Registration Tax in Hennepin County.

Contract for Deed - A Contract for Deed must have either a well statement signed by the buyer or a Well Disclosure Certificate and the appropriate fees.
State Deed Tax (SDT) - SDT is not required on a Contract for Deed.
Satisfaction - Any deed that satisfies the requirements foa Contract for Deed must have either a well statement signed by the buyer or a Well Discloser Certificate and the appropriate fees.

Correction or Re-Recorded Document:
Correction or Re-recorded Documents must have new signatures and new acknowledgement along with a Correction Statement noted on the document itself.