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Chester County, Pennsylvania

Recorder Offices

Chester County Recorder of Deeds

313 W Market St, Suite 3302 / PO Box 2748, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19382 / 19380-0991

8:30 to 4:30 M-F / Recording until 4:00

Phone: (610) 344-6330

Register of Deeds

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Pennsylvania - Chester County Recorder Information

The Recorder of Deeds in Chester County, Pennsylvania is the county official responsible for recording and maintaining real estate records for the county.

Recording Fees

A deed or mortgage that includes one UPI, up to four pages, and four names will cost $93.75. Each additional page is $4. Each additional name is $1. Each additional tract of land is $1. Each additional UPI is $15.

Any document that alters a mortgage is charged as a mortgage. A mortgage satisfaction, assignment, release, easement, and right-of-way that includes one UPI, up to four pages, and four names is $80.75. Each additional page is $2. Each additional name is $0.50. Each additional UPI is $15.

Personal checks or credit cards are not accepted.
Checks must be made payable to the "Recorder of Deeds." No more than 10 documents per check. When filing deeds, three separate checks are required: for recording fees, for state transfer tax, and for municipal transfer tax.

Same-day document recording stops at 4 pm each day. If you have questions about recording fees or transfer taxes, contact the Chester County Recorder of Deeds at (610) 344-6330.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Documents should be submitted on 8.5 x 11 inch white 20lb. paper, with a font size of at least 10 point. Black ink should be used, preferably computer-generated. Double-sided printing is allowed, provided the printing does not bleed through to the opposite side. Double-sided printing counts as two pages. Instruments not meeting this requirement will face a $25 penalty fee.

* All documents must have a 3 inch top margin. The left hand side of this will contain "Prepared by" information and "Return to" party name, address, and telephone number, followed by a typed UPI number (a typed or computer generated label containing the valid UPI is acceptable. The UPI is the Uniform Parcel Identifier). The Parcel ID number and the UPI number are not the same thing. The right half of the 3 inch margin is reserved for the Recorder.

* All other margins on the first page and on subsequent pages should be at least 1 inch.

* For noncompliant documents, the submitter can create a cover page. The cover page counts as an extra page in the document and will be charged as such.

* The UPI number should be typed immediately below the return name and address information. Documents containing numerous UPI numbers must list the first UPI on the first page. The remaining UPI numbers should be listed on a separate sheet of paper after the first page.

* A document which states that the parcel is "part of" a UPI will be accepted if the parcel has not, at the time of recording, been assigned an individual UPI number.

* To verify a UPI number, please call the Bureau of Land Records in Chester County.

* If a document does not contain a correct, verifiable, properly formatted, legible, and scannable UPI number on the first page, it will be returned unrecorded and a $5 return fee will be due upon resubmission of the corrected document.

* The grantee(s)/mortgagee(s)/assignee(s) mailing address must be current, exact, legible, and scannable. The grantee(s)/mortgagee(s)/assignee(s) address must be certified with a signature. Documents that do not meet this standard will be returned unrecorded, and the submitter will be charged a $5 fee upon resubmitting the corrected document.

* A Statement of Value must accompany all deeds not stating the full and complete value of the property being conveyed, or if transfer tax is not paid. If an exemption applies, such as a familial transfer, the exemption must be listed on the deed.

* A "Certificate of Residence for Mortgagee" or a "Certificate of Residence for Grantee" clause must appear in the notary acknowledgment.

* For deeds, a legal description of the property is required, along with any previous recorded information.

* For a subordination agreement, a legal description and a parcel ID number are required.