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Recorder Offices in Douglas County

Douglas County Clerk and Recorder
301 Wilcox St., Castle Rock, Colorado 80104
8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday
Phone: (303) 660-7469
Douglas County Clerk and Recorder  301 Wilcox St.,  Castle Rock, Colorado, 80104 is providing this information as a courtesy to our visitors. You are NOT on the Douglas County official website, you are on, a private website that is not affiliated with any government agency.
Douglas County Colorado Register of Deeds
Douglas County Recorder Information
The recorder in Douglas County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.
Recording Fees
Fees are $11.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each additional page. Plats, oversized documents and UCC fees may be found in the fee section below. Documents recorded in-person are generally returned to the submitter immediately, all others are generally returned to the submitter within two weeks.
Document Formatting Requirements
Include a contact phone number with submitted documents. Documents may be mailed or brought in to the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

• Documents should be on paper sized 8.5x11 inches or 8.5x14 inches.

• Black ink, in a font size of at least 12 point should be used to ensure legibility.

• The top margin should be at least 1 inch. Other margins can be at least ½ an inch.

• For any deed that transfers title to property, the grantee’s address is required. The document will not be recorded if this is missing.

• A return address for the original document must also be provided. This should be on the front or back page.

• A deed or other instrument affecting title to real property should be acknowledged substantially in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes, 38-35-101.

• A deed that includes a newly created legal description of real property shall include the name and address of the person who created the legal description.

• Immediately following the legal description, the assessor’s schedule or parcel number may be included as an aid to identification. If a document does not contain this, it will not render it ineffective.

Any conveyance document presented for recording shall be accompanied by a declaration prescribed by the property tax administrator.

Torrens Land:

A certificate of registration shall contain the name of the owner, a description of the land and of the estate of the owner, and shall contain a description of all encumbrances, liens, and interest to which the estate of the owner is subject. It shall state the residence of the owner and if a minor, give his age; if under disability, it shall state the nature of the disability; it shall state whether married or not, and if married, name the spouse.
We may be able to e-record your deed documents in Douglas County, Click Here for more information.