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Mississippi Executor Deed

An executor's deed is a fiduciary instrument used in probate proceedings to convey property from an estate. An executor is a personal representative named in the decedent's will to settle a testate estate.

The executor's deed under Miss. Code Ann. 89-1-67 quitclaims the grantor's title to a purchaser. In addition to meeting the form and content requirements for standard transfers of real property, executor's deeds contain pertinent information about the estate, including the source of the executor's authority to sell.

Use an executor's deed to convey title to the decedent's real property pursuant to the provisions of a will ( 91-7-49) or a decree of the Chancery Court following petition for sale. The executor may need to sell real property when the decedent's personal property is insufficient to pay the estate's outstanding debts, or when the sale is in the best interest of the distributees, as determined by the Court.

The probate process can be complicated, so contact an attorney with questions about executor's deeds or any other issue related to probate in Mississippi. Mississippi Executor Deed Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday February 19, 2021

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