Berks County, Pennsylvania - Recorder Information

Register of Deeds

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The Recorder of Deeds is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Berks County.

Recording Fees

Deeds in any form, Agreements, Easements
& Rights of Way, Environmental Covenants,
Leases, and Orders of Court
Mortgages, Assignments, Modifications,
Releases, Satisfaction Pieces, Subordinations,
and all other mortgage related documents.
Recording Base fee, 4 pages max ....$82.00*
Each additional page......................$4.00

Power of Attorney, Declarations, Revocation,
Scrivener's Affidavits, Storm Water Related
Documents, Terminations, and other
miscellaneous instruments
Recording Base fee, 4 pages max ....$45.00*
Each additional page.......................$4.00


There is an additional fee to index more than 15 names per document charged at $1 per name.

A rejection fee of $5 per document for each document returned for errors or wrong fees will be assessed.

When there is no specified fee, it will be set by the Recorder.

Checks should be made payable to the Berks County Recorder of Deeds. In order to have documents returned, a SASE is required. If you require notification of receipt of documents, please enclose a second self-addressed stamped envelope.

Personal checks are not accepted for transfer tax.

The Berks County Recorder can be reached at 610-478-3380 if you have questions about recording fees or transfer tax.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Documents are required to be acknowledged in order to be recorded. Acknowledgments must include the state and county where acknowledgments were taken, date, persons/corporate officers, title and name of corporation or partnership, notary signature, and notary stamp with expiration date. The notary stamp must be clear and legible. Writing or typing information on the notary stamp is a violation of Chapter 12 of the Pennsylvania Notary law.

* A foreign language document must include a written English translation sworn or affirmed by the translator. The translation will be recorded along with the original.

* Use white 8.5 x 11 inch 20 # paper for documents. Margins should be clear of markings and at least 1 inch on all sides. Font size should not be smaller than 10 point. Double-sided printing is permissible as long as it does not bleed through. For best results, use black ink.

* Illegible and/or altered documents will be returned as non-recordable.

* The grantee's address must be certified on all deeds. It should be exact current and legible. If the person who prepared the document is the same person who submitted the document, the name and address should still be entered twice. Do not use "same as above" or combine entries for "Return to" and Prepared by."

* It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that personal information (social security numbers, bank account, or loan numbers, etc.) is not included on the document.

* Multiple documents constituting one transaction must be clearly numbered as to the proper order in which they are to be recorded.

* The submitter's name, company, and address must be typed in the "Return to" section on the deed.

* You must certify the grantee's address on all deeds. If "prepared by" and "return to" are the same person and/or address, you must enter the same name and address twice or signify that they are the same.

* All documents must indicate the property location, including the municipality (borough, city, or township), county, and state. When a property is located in more than one municipality, the local transfer tax must be apportioned and typed on the document in percentage amounts.

* Wyomissing Borough deeds must specify Wyomissing or Wilson School District.

* A Tax ID# is required on all deeds; however, the Recorder does not certify ID numbers or file by ID numbers. It is required for informational purposes only.

* The written dollar amount of the total consideration must match the numerical amount on deeds.

* A book and page number must appear on all documents that refer back to an original document.

* Re-recorded documents must be re-signed and have a new acknowledgment, with a current date, and an explanation as to why the document is being re-recorded.


A Statement of Value must accompany all deeds that do not state the full and complete value of the property being conveyed. If a family exemption applies, this must be stated on the deed.

The SOV should be completed and submitted in duplicate. The Statement of Value forms are counted as additional pages when fees are assessed.

Easements and right-of-ways must be accompanied by a SOV.

Common Level Ratio factors change annually on July 1 and must be included on the SOV. The Berks County Recorder of Deeds website has information regarding Common Level Ratio factors.