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Richland County, South Carolina

Recorder Offices

Richland County Register of Deeds

Judicial Center - 1701 Main St, Rm 101 / Po Box 192, Columbia, South Carolina 29201 / 29202

8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday

Phone: 803-576-1910 or 803-576-1917

Register of Deeds

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South Carolina - Richland County Recorder Information

The Register of Deeds records real estate transactions for Richland County. In 1997, the legislature passed a law changing the name of the RMC, effective January 1, 1998, from the Register of Mesne Conveyances to the Register of Deeds.

The Richland County Office is one of the busier ROD's in the state. Each year, over 110,000 deeds, mortgages, releases, plats, tax liens, and UCC filings are recorded. This office collects approximately $11 million annually in state and county fees and taxes. The documents filed in the office are public information and can be viewed by anyone who comes to search for the information.

Recording Fees

Deed: $15 + deed tax (see below)
Agreement, Amendment, some Assignments, Contract, Declaration, Dissolution, Easement, Lease, Mortgage, Restrictive Covenant, UCC Document, Waiver: $25
Affidavit, Article, some Assignments, Mechanics Lien, Release: $10

Unless the document is exempt, both state and county taxes are due upon recording. State documentary stamps are $1.30 per $500, and county documentary stamps are $0.55 per $500, rounding up the per $500 to the nearest whole number. Consult the deed stamps table under supplemental forms for specific amounts.

Exempt affidavits are required on deeds with no consideration.

Contact the Richland County Register of Deeds directly if you have questions regarding recording fees or have other payment questions.

Document Formatting Requirements

* Do not include personally identifying information, such as social security numbers or driver's license numbers, on documents to be recorded.

* Return address information should be listed on the back of documents.

* Documents should be on 8.5 x 11 inch paper or 8.5 x 14 inch paper, printed in black ink.

* Original signatures should be in blue ink.

* Documents must include the grantor(s) signature, which must match the printed name.

* The name and address of the grantee should be included.

* Deeds must include a derivation clause in the property description.

* Two witnesses are required to record a deed or mortgage.

* A South Carolina Probate or Acknowledgement is needed.

* The legal property description must have the plat book or metes and bounds.

* For deeds and mortgages only, a tax map number should be included.

* A quit claim deed does not need a derivation clause in the property description.


An affidavit showing the value of the real estate also needs to be filed when submitting a deed for recordation. If the deed is exempt, the value is not required to be stated on the affidavit, but the reason for exemption is required.

The affidavit must be signed by a responsible person connected with the transaction, and the connection must be stated. The register of deeds may waive the affidavit requirement at his discretion.

The total consideration paid should be indicated on the face of the deed. If the amount paid is not indicated, or has the words "in other consideration" or if a trade of property is involved, an Affidavit of True Consideration must be attached in order to reflect the actual value of the transaction.

A quit claim deed is subject to documentary stamps if there is a consideration paid. An affidavit of exempt transfers is required.