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Recorder Offices in Norfolk County

Norfolk County Registry of Deeds
649 High Street, Dedham, Massachusetts 02026-0069
9:00am to 4:00 pm M-F
Phone: (781) 461-6101
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Norfolk County Massachusetts Register of Deeds
Norfolk County Recorder Information
The recorder in Norfolk County is responsible for recording and maintaining records related to real property situated in the County.
Recording Fees
Different fees apply to recorded land and registered land.

The registry fee for a deed for recorded land is $126. The registry fee for a mortgage is $176. A declaration of trust for recorded land is $226.

The fee to record a deed for registered land is $125. The registered land fee for a mortgage is $175. A declaration of trust for registered land is $225.
Document Formatting Requirements
Registered Land and Recorded Land

• Documents submitted for recording should be on paper that is a sufficient weight to reproduce in registry scanners. Do not submit facsimile copies to be recorded.

• Documents cannot be on paper larger than 8.5x14.

• Printing should be one-sided only. Double-sided printing will not be accepted.

• Printing should be dark enough that the document can be reproduced legibly.

• The first page of a document submitted for recording must have a 3x3 space in the upper right hand corner that is left blank for the recorder’s information. This area should be free from all writing or printing.

• Documents need a top margin of 2 inches, a bottom margin of .75 inches, and 1 inch side margins.

• All documents must list a property address on the first page.

• Deeds and mortgages must reference the book and page of the deed associated with the property. Deeds must have the amount of consideration stated in the document.

• The grantee or assignee’s address should be included in the document.

• For releases and discharges, include the book and page number of the affected mortgage or lien document.

• The font size should be at least 10 point.

• Documents should include, either on the front or back, a return name and address.

Registered Land or Recorded Land?
The Recorded Land system is the traditional common law system of land records. Each document filed is entered in order of receipt, and referenced by its sequential book and page number of recording. Recorded land constitutes the majority of the properties in Norfolk County.

The Registered Land System is also sometimes referred to as the Torrens or Land Court System. Under the Registered Land system, there is a current and numbered owner’s certificate of title for each registered land property. A new certificate is issued when the property is sold or transferred. It was introduced in Australia in the 1850’s and is used in a number of countries and American states, including Massachusetts, where it was introduced in 1901. Registered Land records are supervised by the Land Court. Each document receives a sequential document number, and documents affecting a title certificate are referenced in an encumbrance list for that certificate.
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