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Iowa Release of Real Estate Mortgage

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This form is used by the current lender/mortgagee, (the mortgagee's personal representative or assignee, or those legally acting for the mortgagee, and in case of payment of a school fund mortgage the county auditor, within thirty days of payment in full, shall acknowledge satisfaction thereof by execution of an instrument of satisfaction which is in writing, refers to the mortgage, and is duly acknowledged and recorded.) (Iowa Code 655.1)

Iowa Code 655.5 -- Instrument of satisfaction

When the judgment is paid in full, the mortgagee shall file with the clerk a satisfaction of judgment which shall release the mortgage underlying the action. A mortgagee who fails to file a satisfaction within thirty days of receiving a written request shall be subject to reasonable damages and a penalty of five hundred dollars plus reasonable attorney fees incurred by the aggrieved party, to be recovered in an action for the satisfaction by the party aggrieved.

(Iowa Release of Mortgage Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example) For use in Iowa only.

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