Maine Personal Representative Deed of Distribution Intestate

Personal Representative Deed of Distribution Intestate for Real Estate Located in Maine

A personal representative of an intestate estate is someone selected by the probate court to administer the decedent's estate when the decedent dies without a will.

The personal representative's (PR) deed of distribution for an intestate estate, under 33 M.R.S. 775-3-A, is a fiduciary instrument used to convey real property from an estate to a successor in interest pursuant to Maine's laws of descent. The PR deed conveys interest without any implied covenants of title (33 M.R.S. 771).

In addition to meeting the standard content requirements for real estate conveyancing documents, PR deeds must reference information regarding the relevant probate case. Deeds are subject to transfer taxes in Maine, and require a real estate transfer tax form, unless a valid exemption is noted on the deed. File the deed at the appropriate county's Register of Deeds.

Consult a lawyer with questions about Maine personal representative's deeds or with other inquiries related the probate process.

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