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Tennessee Release of Mechanic Lien

Releasing a Mechanic's Lien in Tennessee

Lien claimants must grant releases when the lien is no longer effective because it has been paid off or for any other reason.

If a lienor whose lien has been forfeited, expired, satisfied or adjudged against the lienor in an action on the lien, fails to cause the lien provided by this chapter to be released within thirty (30) days after service of written notice demanding release, the lienor shall be liable to the owner for all damages arising therefrom, and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, incurred by the owner. Tenn. Prop. Code 66-11-135(a).

A valid release form under this section identifies the parties, the location of the work or improvement, a reference to the recorded notice of lien, relevant dates and payments, and any other information necessary for the specific situation.

The lienor must file the release in the office where the notice of lien was recorded. Tenn. Prop. Code 66-11-135(b). The fee for recording shall be the fee required for the recording of a release or satisfaction of a mortgage as provided by law. Id. The lien shall be deemed released on the day on which the release of the lien is recorded in the proper office. Tenn. Prop. Code 66-11-135(c).

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice or relied upon as any substitute for speaking with an attorney. Please consult a Tennessee attorney familiar with construction law for any issues regarding mechanic's liens. Tennessee Release of Mechanic Lien Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Wednesday September 16, 2020

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Tennessee Release of Mechanic Lien Form