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Union County, Arkansas

Recorder Offices

Union County Circuit Clerk

101 North Washington St, Rm 201, El Dorado, Arkansas 71730-5661

8:30 to 5:00 M-F

Phone: (870) 864-1940

Register of Deeds

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Arkansas - Union County Recorder Information

The Circuit Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining land records in Union County.

Recording Fees

Documentary stamps are available at the Arkansas state revenue office and must be placed on the document and must also be legible. Documentary stamps are $3.30 per $1000 as pertains to the purchase price of the property.

To record a deed, deed of trust, mortgage, release deed, power of attorney, plat, survey plat, notary bond, foreign judgment, or writ of execution, the fee is $15 for the first page (single-sided only) and $5 for each additional page.

For recording instruments that have multiple instruments listed in a single document, an additional fee of $15 per instrument listed will be charged. This is not to exceed $300.

If the recorder waives the Arkansas Formatting Standards for good cause, the instrument may be recorded for an additional $25 fee.

Call the circuit clerk's office at (870) 864-1940 with questions.

Document Formatting Requirements

Real property documents in Union County, Arkansas are recorded with the County Circuit Clerk.

* Documents should be submitted on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper.

* The first page should have a top margin of 2.5 inches and at least .5 of an inch for margins on subsequent pages. The last page of the document should have a bottom margin of at least 2.5 inches.

* The top right of the first page is reserved for the recorder for the file mark and recording information. The first page must contain the following information: The title of the document and the name of the grantor and grantee.

* All documents shall be acknowledged in accordance with Section 16-47-207 of the Arkansas Revised Statutes.

* The name and address of the person who, and the governmental agency, if any, which prepared the instrument must appear on the first page. This information should be printed, stamped, or typed in a legible manner. This can be given in the following format: "This instrument was prepared by NAME and ADDRESS."

* The acknowledgment of deeds and instruments of writing for the conveyance of real estate, or whereby such real estate is to be affected in law or equity, shall be by the grantor appearing in person before a court or officer having the authority by law to take the acknowledgment and stating that he or she had executed the deed or instrument for the consideration and purposes therein mentioned and set forth.

* The recording fees must be paid before the document can be recorded.

* The following statement must be stamped on or attached to the instrument in a manner which will cause it to be recorded as part of the instrument: "I certify under penalty of false swearing that the legally correct amount of documentary stamps have been placed on this instrument." The grantee or the grantee's agent must sign the statement. Real Estate Deeds

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