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Arkansas Personal Representative Deed

In Arkansas, the individual who oversees a decedent's estate is called a personal representative. This title is used interchangeably with the terms executor or administrator. One common function of the personal representative is transferring title to real property, as directed by the decedent's will or the circuit court. The document used in these cases is a personal representative's deed.

Personal representative's deeds in Arkansas "do not warrant title to a subsequent grantee, and any subsequent grantee may not assert or claim any warranty of title deriving from" them, though a grantor may customize the deed to include a title warranty through "express use of warranty language" ( 15-12-605).

Consult an attorney with questions regarding probate administration and personal representative's deeds in Arkansas. Arkansas Personal Representative Deed Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Tuesday March 19, 2019

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Arkansas Personal Representative Deed Form