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Idaho Personal Representative Deed of Distribution

A personal representative uses a deed of distribution to transfer title to a decedent's real property to heirs (distributees) entitled to receive it. A distributee is anyone who receives a decedent's property other than as a purchaser or creditor (I.C. 15-1-201(11)).

Deeds of distribution are executed and recorded as evidence that the distributee has received the decedent's title to the property when the decedent has died intestate (without a will). See I.C. 15-3-907.

In addition to the standard state and local requirements for deeds in Idaho, personal representative's deeds might need additional information about the decedent, the representative, the court case, etc. The deed quitclaims the grantor's title and offers no warranty. Record the executed deed, along with any fees and supporting documentation, in the office responsible for maintaining the land records of the county where the property is located.

Probate can be complicated, so consult an attorney with questions regarding estate administration and conveyances of real property in Idaho. Idaho Personal Representative Deed of Distribution Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday November 20, 2020

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Idaho Personal Representative Deed of Distribution Form