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Mechanic's liens are governed under Title 10, Chapter 603 of the Maine Code. In Maine, persons providing labor or furnishing materials or equipment without a contract with the owner should serve the owner with a Notice of Furnishing to protect their lien rights.

If labor, materials or services were not furnished by a contract with the owner of the property affected, the owner may prevent a lien by giving written notice to the person performing or furnishing the same that he will not be obligated to pay for that work. 10 M.R.S. section 3252. The person furnishing labor or materials can act first by serving the Notice of Furnishing before the owner provides a notice of non-responsibility. By doing this, he or she preserves lien rights.

A notice of furnishing identifies the parties, relevant dates and payments, the location and a description of the materials and/or services. Submit the completed, signed, and notarized document to the local office responsible for maintaining land records, and give the property owner a certified copy of the recorded document.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as substitute for the advice from an attorney. For any questions regarding the Notice of Furnishing, or any other issues related to liens in Maine, please speak with a licensed attorney.

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