Mississippi Release of Deed of Trust

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This form is used by the lender himself/herself to release a Deed of Trust when it has been paid in full, even if the lender was not the original lender on the Deed of Trust in question. Once recorded - (attested by the clerk of the chancery court and discharge and release the same, and shall bar all actions or suits brought thereon, and the title shall thereby revest in the grantor.) (MS Statute 89-5-21)(1))

In general, the lender has (one (1) month after written request, cancel on the record the Deed of Trust) to avoid penalty. A Deed of trust in Mississippi can be released by the lender or by his/her attorney, this form is to be used by the current lender of record. (MS Statute 89-5-21)(2))

(Mississippi Release of DOT Package includes form, guidelines, and completed example) For use in Mississippi Only.

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