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Missouri Personal Representative Deed of Distribution

The laws governing Missouri probate proceedings are codified at Chapters 472-475 of the Missouri Revised Statutes.

The personal representative's deed of distribution is a fiduciary instrument recorded as evidence that a distributee has succeeded to the decedent's interest in real property. A personal representative, who may alternately be referred to as either an executor or an administrator, is the person appointed by the Probate Division of the Circuit Court to manage the decedent's estate.

Use a deed of distribution to quitclaim the decedent's interest in real estate. By operation of law, the decedent's heirs automatically succeed to the decedent's interest, but a deed of distribution is recorded alongside the decedent's will, if applicable, to maintain an accurate chain of title. The PR's deed must meet all state and local standards for content and format. It also makes reference to the deceased owner and the probate case, and might require supporting documents such as an official copy of the death certificate.

Consult an attorney licensed in the State of Missouri with questions about personal representative's deeds or any other issue related to probate.

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Missouri Personal Representative Deed of Distribution Form