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North Carolina Notice of Lis Pendens

A North Carolina Lis Pendens is (constructive notice of pending litigation.)
Required information:
1. (The name of the court in which the action has been commenced or is pending)
2. (The names of the parties to the action)
3. (The nature and purpose of the action; and)
4. (A description of the property to be affected thereby)

A North Carolina Lis Pendens can be filed:
1. At or any time after a suit is filed
2. (At or any time after the real property has been attached, or)
3. (At or any time after the filing of an answer or other pleading in which the pleading party states an affirmative claim for relief falling within the provisions of subsection (a) of this section.) ( 1-116)

This Lis Pendens Notice has ample space to add multiple plaintiffs and defendants, which is common in litigation. North Carolina Notice of Lis Pendens Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Friday February 8, 2019

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North Carolina Notice of Lis Pendens Form