Ohio Mortgage Instrument and Promissory Note

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These forms are used for financing residential property, condominiums, rental units, small commercial, vacant land, and planned unit developments. They include special provisions and exhibit pages making them adaptable and flexible for unique situations. Ohio recognizes dower rights, which means that if a married man or woman owns an interest in real property, his or her spouse holds a 1/3 interest in the property, Review Oh. statute 2103.02. Dower rights can become problematic when it comes to mortgages. Oftentimes, banks require a release of dower if only one spouse is on the promissory note. Otherwise, if the paying spouse defaults, a spouse may be able to enforce their dower rights if the spouse is not on the deed. This mortgage can release rights of dower if applicable to the situation. These forms have stringent default terms, typical uses - lender who is financing investment property, owner financing, etc.

(Ohio Mortgage Package includes forms, guidelines, and completed examples) For use in Ohio only.

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