Louisiana Act of Mortgage and Promissory Note

Act of Mortgage and Promissory Note for Real Estate Located in Louisiana

These forms establish a contract to secure the performance of an obligation. This (Mortgage gives the mortgagee)/lender, (upon failure of the obligor to perform the obligation that the mortgage secures, the right to cause the property to be seized and sold in the manner provided by law and to have the proceeds applied toward the satisfaction of the obligation in preference to claims of others.) (Art. 3279)

Art. 3280. Mortgage is an indivisible real right that burdens the entirety of the mortgaged property and that follows the property into whatever hands the property may pass.

Art. 3288. A contract of mortgage must state precisely the nature and situation of each of the immovables or other property over which it is granted; state the amount of the obligation, or the maximum amount of the obligations that may be outstanding at any time and from time to time that the mortgage secures; and be signed by the mortgagor.

Art. 3298. A. A mortgage may secure obligations that may arise in the future.

B. As to all obligations, present and future, secured by the mortgage, notwithstanding the nature of such obligations or the date they arise, the mortgage has effect between the parties from the time the mortgage is established and as to third persons from the time the contract of mortgage is filed for registry.

C. A promissory note or other evidence of indebtedness secured by a mortgage need not be paraphed for identification with the mortgage and need not recite that it is secured by the mortgage.

D. The mortgage may be terminated by the mortgagor or his successor upon reasonable notice to the mortgagee when an obligation does not exist and neither the mortgagor nor the mortgagee is bound to the other or to a third person to permit an obligation secured by the mortgage to be incurred. Parties may contract with reference to what constitutes reasonable notice.

E. The mortgage continues until it is terminated by the mortgagor or his successor in the manner provided in Paragraph D of this Article, or until the mortgage is extinguished in some other lawful manner. The effect of recordation of the mortgage ceases in accordance with the provisions of Articles 3357 and 3358.

A promissory note, secured by a mortgage that include stringent terms and conditions can be beneficial to the lender.

For use in Louisiana only.

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