Colorado Personal Representative Deed of Distribution

Personal Representative Deed of Distribution for Real Estate Located in Colorado

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In Colorado, the person approved or appointed by the probate court to administer a decedent's estate is called a personal representative. The personal representative has a fiduciary duty to settle the decedent's estate, including devising real property to rightful heirs or distributing real property pursuant to the laws of intestate succession set forth in the Colorado Probate Code.

Use the personal representative's deed of distribution to transfer real property to a devisee (someone designated in a will to receive the decedent's property) or an heir (a person, including the surviving spouse, entitled under statutes of intestate succession to receive the decedent's property).

The personal representative's deed does not warrant against title defects preceding the appointment of the personal representative.

Additional documents, including letters of administration or letters testamentary, may be required. Consult an attorney with questions regarding the probate process and personal representative's deeds in Colorado.

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