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Minnesota Warranty Deed Excluding Assessment

Minnesota's real estate deeds are governed by Minn. Stat. 507. The statutes contain the basic form and requirements for lawful conveyance of property. A warranty deed is used in Minnesota real estate transactions where the grantor agrees that "such instrument, duly executed as required by law, shall be a conveyance in fee simple of the premises described to the grantee, the grantee's heirs and assigns, with covenants on the part of the grantor, the grantor's heirs and personal representatives, that the grantor is lawfully seized of the premises in fee simple and has good right to convey the same; that the premises are free from all encumbrances; that the grantor warrants to the grantee, the grantee's heirs and assigns, the quiet and peaceable possession thereof; and that the grantor will defend the title thereto against all persons who may lawfully claim the same. Such covenants shall be obligatory upon any grantor, the grantor's heirs and personal representatives, as fully and with like effect as if written at length in such deed" (507.07).

While properly completed statutory form may suffice in many situations, they leave the possibility for errors based on incorrect or missing information. To reduce confusion about the information needed for different real estate transactions, Minnesota suggests guidelines for uniform conveyancing forms, each with a specific purpose.

This warranty deed form, specifically intended for real property transfers between individual owner(s), matches the format, content, and requirements set forth in the 2013 update.

By excluding assessments from the covenants of title, the grantor alerts the grantee to the fact that one or more outstanding assessment liens and any associated interest may still be attached to the property after the conveyance. Minnesota Warranty Deed Excluding Assessment Forms Have Been Updated as Recently as Thursday March 4, 2021

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Minnesota Warranty Deed Excluding Assessment Form